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Three fantastic products on offer from The Gro Company

A baby in the comfort of their own room will sleep well if they are in a good routine. Parents work hard to get this right so that their child gets the best nights sleep possible. However when we travel we also need our children to get the sleep they need and being in a strange environment can cause a baby to become unsettled. The Gro company have created 3 products that are superb at getting children used to sleeping no matter where they are and for a limited time you can get 1/3 off of each of these products. This discount is available until midnight on 19th June 2011. So along with your travel cot these 3 products are ideal travel companions.

The use of blackout blinds to keep babies rooms dark at home is common however when travelling the darkness of a room will not always be the same. This is where the Gro-Anywhere Blind comes in. It’s portable size means you can transport it anywhere and then fit it to the room you are in. It fits a window up to 135cm x 200cm and uses suction cups to attach to the glass of the window. It comes in it’s own travel bag which keeps it clean. So if you are travelling to a relatives or even on holiday you can use this blind to create a great sleep environment for your child.

As children grow older they will wake up and immediately want to get up, however they may not be aware of the time. So the Gro Clock has used a design to easily let children know if it is still night time or is day time. In it’s simplest form the clock simply has a glowing screen which displays stars for night time and sun countdown so they can tell when it is morning. This can be turned off and into a digital clock meaning it is now also suitable for older children who are learning to tell the digital time.

The Gro Egg is another essential travel item so you can easily tell if where you are staying is too hot or too cold for your baby and dress them accordingly using a Gro-Bag and clothing suited to the temperature. It uses a simple colour coded system, glowing blue if it’s too cold up to red for too hot. We all like to keep our houses at a temperature to suit us so if you have travelled to someone else’s or a hotel you can now be sure your baby will be in suitable bedtime attire for the temperature of the room.

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