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Crypto Trading – Advantages And Disadvantages

Crypto trading is also known as cryptocurrency exchanges or digital currency exchanges that are the trades done amongst people with digital currencies for other different assets or other digital currencies. Most of these digital currency exchanges are done out the Western countries.  Gold, a real-life commodity, can be used as a backup for some of these digital currencies.

How does the crypto trading system work?

Credit card payments, postal money orders, cryptocurrency or some other form of payment is accepted in exchange for digital currencies.  The cryptocurrency is sent to one’s cryptocurrency wallet.  The digital currency balances are converted into prepaid cards that are then used to withdraw the funds available in the ATMs over the world. To help kickstart your trading endeavor, you might want to consider playing some fun คลิกที่นี่ online.

Here are a few pros and cons of crypto trading:


  • Considered the world’s most convenient and famous trading platform, it can be done from anywhere at any time.
  • It has high liquidity for withdrawals
  • Reasonable amount for fees
  • Availability of a variety of cryptocurrencies
  • Has high-quality trading


  • The platform can be a bit complex for beginners thus can be confusing to understand its concept.
  • There could be blocks for the USD payments from time to time.
  • The biggest drawback is the security feature, and some sites have low security, making it easier for hackers.

Some smart investments in crypto trading:

Thinking of investing in cryptocurrency? New investors can choose between the following :

  • The GBTC trust, as it is sold in the stock market
  • A medium to buy the coins on and a wallet too for storing purposes.
  • An exchange broker wallet medium such as Coinbase or GDAX could help customers buy or sell, or even store the cryptocurrency.

Each of the options above comes with its pros and cons, but only an exchange broker wallet medium such as Coinbase or GDAX allows you to trade and make an investment using only one platform. In addition, encrypted passwords that represent coins are stored. This place where the storing is done is called the cryptocurrency wallet.

Few things to remember while doing crypto trading:

The following are few things you should know while doing crypto trading­-

  • There is a limit for how much one can buy/sell in a week or so. Your limit will increase over time when you start trading regularly.
  • Fees are being charged while trading, and fees will decrease as the trading increases.
  • A two-factor authentication setup is a must these days when privacy risks are at a high risk these days.
  • Set yourself alerts; this could help you decide when you have to buy or sell the coins as per the high or low rates of the coins.
  • Crypto trading is volatile, and there is a chance that the market could crash anytime without any notice, and you could be running into losses be. So be wise and safe while trading here.

Most of the altcoins are paired well with the bitcoin. However, the bigger ones are paired well with the fiat currencies.