Microsoft – Latest Surface Pro X is Now Available in India

Microsoft is one of the most reputed and popular brands globally that help you get various laptops and multiple windows. It enables you to experience a new device with all the latest features, which helps you attract the brand. It can be considered the best brand with unique and special new updates and always take care of its users by providing them with great offers and devices.

When someone opts for a new brand, they get which brand they should opt for, but when you decide to get connected with Microsoft, it’s obvious that you will get the timely updates. Once you get to know about Microsoft’s various positive points, you will opt for getting connected to it. Many people are new to this brand, making them get into some major confusion about whether they should opt for it.

Recently, Microsoft has launched a new surface Pro X, the latest update version of the laptops, and helps people experience the best and smooth running laptop. Try to pay attention to the following details to learn more about this news and understand it well.

Pro X Launched in India

  • Microsoft has launched the best Surface Pro X in India that made people so excited to buy it, especially the Microsoft lovers, to connect to it. It has various key features with the best results, such as 15 hours battery life, a Microsoft SQ2 processor, and a 13-inch screen. The price of 256GB SSD version is Rs.1, 49,999 and 512GB SSD version is Rs. 1, 78,999. The device is available in two colors, i.e., black and platinum, which is one of the best colors ever.
  • The company has also brought some attractive features in the keyboard, such as a pair with the Surface Pro X, and made people attracted to this device very fast. The keyboard is available in three color options: Ice Blue, Platinum, and Poppy Red, which are very exciting and attractive colors. The screen’s surface and the keyboard are so attractive that people can’t wait to get it and use it.
  • Microsoft Surface Pro X has a sports screen of 13 inches with Pixel Sense and has a display resolution of 2,880×1,920 pixels. When you get connected to this device, you will learn more about it, and help you have a wonderful experience. The device feature also includes 16GB of RAM, and the storage is in two different variants one is 256GB, and another one is 512GB, and both the variants come with full SSDs.

Once you complete all the above info, it will help you understand the various features of the Microsoft new version. It will also help you get attracted to this device and allow you to become one of the major parts of this device after buying it. Try to consider the above information properly so that you can understand all the various aspects of the Pro X and will also allow you to have a chance to experience the best.