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The many uses of the various Printers available in the market today

One of the earliest printers we were introduced to was the Dot Matrix Printer which has small pins to create little dots on the paper that come together to make the whole picture the same way pixels come together on the computer or camera screen. The technology of the dot matrix printer is somewhat similar to that of a typewriter where the printer head moves up and down while applying pressure on the inked ribbon to stamp the dots on the sheet of paper to form the relevant image. This type of printer can produce text and images as well as carbon copies of the documents if needed.

The Impact printer is not much difference to the dot matrix and uses the same technology of using pressure on the paper to create text and images, the only difference being that in this case it’s a cartridge that’s used for the purpose of creating the images. Unlike the dot matrix, the Impact printer can produce color images of text and photos which is made possible because of the use of a cartridge instead of an ink ribbon. The Impact printer is largely used for photo editing work such as for company logos and is very popular today because of its use in printing T-shirts, mugs, plates or anything that requires an image to be imprinted on it.

With everything being digitalized today, you will never find any retail or department store using hand written labels to price their goods. Everyone has their labels printed today which is a good thing when you consider the massive number of items that has to be labeled in a store today. It is for this purpose that a label printer is used and it is worthwhile knowing the different types of the label printer available in the market so that you can pick the right one for your needs.

Desktop printers are for small labels that use label rolls up to 4 inches wide and are ideal for a small operation or for specific work on a project. A Commercial printer is better suited for heavy duty work and can print labels up to 8 inches wide and will work well for a medium sized retail store while an Industrial label printer will be required for a large organization, warehouse or factory where labeling is carried out continuously and can print thousands of labels in a very short time.

We all know what a laser printer is which is one of the most popular printers in use today. A laser printer is not only fast and provides the most accurate printing up to date but can easily outclass any of the other types of printers including the inkjet printer which was mostly used until the highly efficient laser printer was introduced to the world. A wireless printer on the other hand will help you in making your working life much easier by using a wireless router with a printing server that can connect your computer to the printer. A wireless printer is also ideal for networking the rest of the computers in an office.

Although we don’t hear much about the Line Printer, this is one device that is extremely useful in a busy store that cannot print bills any other way. The line printer technology is pretty old but it can print more than 3,000 lines per minute and although it cannot print images other than text, it’s less expensive and ideal for printing forms, labels and documents.

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