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Had a small pocket watch is inlaid in the bracelet


The first is the use of gravity as the power source, the timer can be placed in a fixed place, such as a building, wall hanging clock, is tied to a chain made of iron hammer, and is wound on the pulley to rotate. The invention makes mechanical timing miniaturization is possible. At the beginning of sixteenth Century, the German Nuremberg locksmith invented Nuremberg eggs, this is the first pocket Best Womens watches, she like the egg size, can be put into the pocket, and all parts with handmade time-consuming, production quality is quite unstable, until nineteenth Century, gradually developed into the machine manufacturing, quality to control. But a Cartier Santos watch convenience is still a question.

In the latter half of the ninth Century, had a small pocket watch is inlaid in the bracelet on the move, but they are still not aware of the practical value in the future will erupt much potential. Time is an extraordinary and mysterious concept, just like the wind, you can feel, she like catkins from us gently brushed, brought new life at the same time take away our youth. The ancient ancestors from dawn dark change in awareness of the passage of time, more than six thousand years ago, under the shadow of the sun and the range of variation of time "sundial" was born in Babylon; four thousand years ago, the clepsydra come out, so that people can know the time of day and night. But after the middle of the thirteenth Century, a mechanical timing began to appear in the life.

The first World War is a turning point, pocket watch completely can not meet the needs of soldiers fighting efficiency and convenience, wrist Cartier Must watch appeared imminent. In 1926, the Rolex watch factory made completely waterproof watch case, patented and named it oyster, for second years, a brave English lady Mercedes Gleitze wearing this form completed by individuals to swim across the channel feat. 

This event has also become the important historical turning point of clocks and Cartier Tortue watches. Since then, many new designs and techniques have also been used in watches, make it become the true sense of the belt on the wrist of the timing tool. Quartz watches, mechanical watches in the last century seventy or eighty’s almost suffered a devastating blow, quartz watch mechanical table cost less than 1/100, precision is mechanical watch several times, and far exceeds the mechanical watch. At a time when many Swiss watches production stop production or close down, as you can see, now the Swiss watch group mostly is the time to set up the reorganization.

But for the past thirty years, mechanical table again coruscate opportunity of survival, this is not accidental. Mechanical watch is a luxury, is a symbol of status and taste, mechanical Cartier Roadster watch core value, is a subtle, gentle communication tool. Wearing his watch to the world through the silent state his values, his mood. So, different brands of different styles of table, hiding the different culture, different values. Each a watch, and a plurality of watchmaker ingenuity of condensed.

People on the machine table preferences, is absolutely different from any other. Quartz table generation, mechanical table can continue to exist and many people like, because there is a lack of the spirit of modern society, a kind of keep on carving, the pursuit of the perfect spirit. A mechanical watch, no complicated mechanical principle, but for hundreds of years, skilled craftsmen in this simple principle, structure, grinding, material continuous effort, this is a kind of craftsmanship. 

A lot of people can use a block using the piezoelectric effect of quartz movement make very accurate Cartier Santos Demoiselle watch. However, not everyone can make good mechanical table, we can see the same plant in the same type of movement, the travel-time precision can be quite different. So quartz watch to have more high value, must rely on the noble metal and diamond; but the mechanical table values, is to refine on technology and workmanship.730

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