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Facetime for Mac and its features

Facetime for Mac is a simple video calling app that makes talking with friends and family across the world so easy and convenient.  How cool is it to be a click away from all your loved ones? But make sure that your contacts have an Apple device to make the Facetime audio or video call. Facetime is available on devices on iOS and Macintosh computers that run on Mac OS X 10.6.6 onwards. In addition, the video feature supports any iOS device with a front-facing camera. These devices are more than capable of running your favorite sports betting games via https://oncapan.com/.


Facetime for Mac is not available on devices brought in Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates because of the regulations in these countries due to the restrictions in IP based communications. There are a few other countries that have disabled some of the Facetime features in their country. How cool is it to be a tick away from all your friends and family? In any case, ensure that your contacts also have an Apple gadget to make the Facetime sound or video call.

Facetime compatibility:

the devices that support Facetime,

  • Macs with cameras
  • iPad 2 and higher version
  • 4th generation iPod touch and higher version
  • iPhone 4 and higher version

Facetime does not work on windows or any other platforms since it is developed by Apple Inc, supporting only those devices. This app can be accessed over both wifi and cellular data, while initially, it could be used only over wi-fi since cellular data cost and usage would be more expensive. This can be used over 3g and 4g data too. Facetime for Mac does not support group video calling, and it is based only from person to person video calling. When an incoming notification pops up on an iOS device, the notification can be checked, but the video will be paused till the user is done with the notification check.

How do you set up Facetime Mac :

  • firstly open the Facetime app on your device
  • if the app hasn’t been turned on, then open the app
  • log into the app with your Apple id (in case you don’t have one, you can go to the apple website and make one for yourself)
  • keep your cool till it logs in
  • go to iCloud and add the person you want to have a call with.

Advantages of Facetime Mac:

  • it’s an inbuilt app
  • it works on a 3g network also
  • automatically syncs all your contacts too
  • it is also inbuilt within the Apple Address Book, thus making it easier while calling

Disadvantages of Facetime:

  • the flashlight feature cannot be used on the iPhone 4 while using the Facetime app
  • by default, the wifi needs to be connected to have a proper audio and video connection that can be established
  • the iPhone 4 does not support the Facetime app, making it very inconvenient to contact a Mac user.

With such a huge amount of people using iPhones, the apple company is considering making Facetime available on other devices like android and other camera phones.