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The Best Alternatives of FaceTime for Windows

FaceTime is the video calling application by Apple which comes with some of the coolest features. This is the application designed by Apple for Apple devices, including Mac PC, iPhone and iPads. This application comes built-in in all the Apple devices and allows you to carry on voice and video chatting between Apple devices. But, what about the PC users? Can they use FaceTime on their Windows PC? Well, the answer to this question is a simple “NO”. The Windows PC users can’t use the application on their Windows PC as there is no FaceTime for Windows launched by Apple yet. But, Windows users are not required to get disheartened as there are many other alternatives available that can offer you the same advantage of FaceTime on your Windows PC and Windows Phone. Some of these alternatives are mentioned below. In addition, you could seamlessly play your favorite sports betting games via สล็อตPG on windows.

Alternatives for FaceTime on Windows

As mentioned, Apple has not launched any version of FaceTime for Windows, but you can use some great alternatives. These applications come with similar features and operations and deliver you the same voice and video calling experience. There are several alternatives for FaceTime apps. Some of these options include:


This is the video and voice calling application that brings a special twist to video calling. Besides video chatting with this application, you can also record short video clips and send them to your friends to stream later. It also comes with the benefit of a group chat which allows you to chat with your 50 people in a group. It can be downloaded on your iOS, Android and Windows devices for free.


This is the widely used video calling and texting application that works on Windows, Android and iOS devices. This application is free to download from Play Store, and it comes with a variety of stickers that you can use while chatting and texting with friends. Moreover, it has encrypted communication for a higher level of security.


This is another popular application widely used for video chats and voice chats over the cellular network or Wi-Fi. This application is again a free one that can be downloaded for free from the Play Store. It also allows you to record calls, and with a small charge, it even allows you to make voice and video calls on mobiles.


Viber has become the most popular and renowned application today that has over 500 million users globally. So, it allows you to call, make voice chats and video calls internationally without any charges. It uses your cellular network and Wi-Fi to allow you to make voice and video calls to any users of Viber, and it also supports multiple languages.


This is the popular messaging and voice chat, and video chat application today used by millions of users globally. Regardless of your geographical location, you can make video calls to any number worldwide using this application, and it is free to download.