Some Latest Cricket News

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1. IPL 2020, DC vs. RR Highlights: Delhi Capitals Beat Rajasthan Royals by 13 Runs

IPL matches, including Delhi Capitals and Rajasthan Royals, is giving so hard on each other, but Delhi Capitals are keeps on defeating Rajasthan Royals by 13 runs. It made people feel proud of DC lovers and made them face good environments for their favorite players.

2. Wishes Pour in for the Cricketer Turned Politician: Gautam Gambhir Turns 39

This news shows that one of the best cricket players, Gautam Gambhir turned 39 and joined politics and become the best politician. But after becoming a politician, he will still be considered as the best cricketer of the time.

3. Republic World – Ravi Shastri Names Player Needed the Most in International Cricket, and It Is NOT Virat Kohli

Ravi Shastri is one of the Indian head coaches who urges a Bangalore dream in IPL 2020 and made the batsman comeback into the International cricket during these crucial times. But it was not Virat Kohli who came up with this post and made other players get the chance.

4. A Report Says: IPL 2020, Rishabh Pant Suffers Grade 1 Hamstring Tear

One of the latest cricket reports said that Rishabh Pant had suffered the grade 1 hamstring tear in the IPL 2020, making him feel bad and low confidence. DC sent his scan reports to the BCCIs medical team to find out the result as soon as possible.

Wrap It Up

After considering the above news, you can get to know about the latest cricket news, which can help you become one of this field’s most knowledgeable people. Once you understand all the news properly, it will help you learn about the various changes in recent days. Try to be active while reading the news so that you can easily grab the important information.