Save Email as PDF

How To Write Effective Emails

Email is a computer-mediated communication that allows you to send messages to multiple recipients instantly. Emails allow you to attach images and files. Emails can be useful for businesses by…

A hand hold phone in front of tv

Facetime for Mac and its features

Facetime for Mac is a simple video calling app that makes talking with friends and family across the world so easy and convenient.  How cool is it to be a…

Shopify page builder

Shopify: Ecommerce Platform

Shopify’s robust platform allows you to easily create an online store, and sell through social media and marketplaces. The Shopify page builder has an user-friendly admin dashboard displays critical sales,…

online ruler

How To Find A Math Ruler Online

A ruler is an adjustable measuring tool used for marking straight line, measurement and drawing. This tool is useful in the print and craft industries as well as in school…

A man hold a coin

An Overview Of Crypto Trading

In simpler terms, Crypto Trading is defined as the smart alternative to the Forex. It is the forex of the cryptocurrencies, which means that you can trade the different cryptocurrencies…

A person hold the guitar

An Overview of GarageBand

If you are a music lover and love to edit and create your music, it is worth knowing the new digital music workstation called GarageBand. It is an advanced workstation…

online courses

The Main Benefits Of E-Learning

E-learning is a convenient and quick way for learners of all ages to access information. This is especially important for those in the workforce who want answers on demand and…